DDD Limited is a group of companies, who between them, manufacturer and distribute health and beauty products. DDD Limited is committed to conducting an ethical and environmentally responsible business. DDD Limited is headquartered and manufactures solely in the UK.

DDD Limited and its suppliers work to an ethical and environmental code of conduct which sets out DDD’s requirements in relation to labour practices, health and safety, responsible sourcing and environmental standards. DDD Limited is clear that forced labour in any form is unacceptable.

DDD Limited has a Quality Assurance department, that works with suppliers through a combination of assessments using ethical database Sedex, supplier training and audits. DDD Limited uses information from Sedex risk assessments to help prioritise suppliers for audit. In addition to audits, DDD Limited operates a third party hotline for workers to make contact and raise any issues relating to working conditions.

Audits are conducted by DDD Limited auditors. In order to fully understand the working environment in a supplier facility, the auditors interview a cross-section of the workforce without management present.

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